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Visiting the parish

Bobbington is based on the edge of the commuter belt for Bridgnorth, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Kidderminster and Stourbridge, located in the southern most tip of the county of South Staffordshire. The Parish also has boarders with the West Midlands and Shropshire.

Majority of the land within the Parish is for agricultural use, mainly arable and this would appear to be the main employment for the Parish. Tractors, combines, sprayers and other farm machinery are a common site on the winding country lanes.

In addition to the farms, the Parish boasts; CofE Holy Cross Church, Corbett Primary School, Little Greenhouse nursery, two pubs, Half Penny Green Vineyard and Wolverhampton Business airport, which caters for light aircraft.

The Parish is a very popular destination for ramblers and bike riders a-like, enjoying the beautiful countryside, wildlife and numerous country paths, meandering to remote places where you can escape the daily “hustle & bustle.”